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Aubrey Rey is a singer/songwriter from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. She started singing at age 6 and wrote her first song when she was just 14 years old. When she was 17, she appeared on season 17 of American Idol, where she was formally introduced to the world as a powerhouse vocalist. After Idol, she moved to Nashville, where she honed her craft singing in the many famous clubs of Lower Broadway. Those long gigs and the people she met on those stages forged Aubrey into the unstoppable artist she is today. When she’s not writing and performing, Aubrey splits her time between her hometown and Nashville, so she can spend time with the people who inspire all of her music. Aubrey’s newest single, “The Girl,” along with the accompanying music video, can be found on all streaming platforms.


Lanndon Dunn is the girl next door from North Carolina. Landon’s been singing since birth, and her parents have always said that her screaming as a child is what gave her the lungs of steel enjoyed by all of her listeners today. At 12 years old, she was already leading a local band, singing all over North Carolina, and building a loyal fanbase. Every weekend in her early teen years, Lanndon’s parents drove her from North Carolina to Nashville just so she could perform on any stage she could. By the time she was 18, she was living in Nashville, Tennessee, and singing at the world-famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, like so many incredible artists before her. Now, Lanndon has been building a team of musicians and creators who she loves working with, and she can’t wait to share her new sound with all of the people who have loved seeing her sing live all these years. When she’s not on stage, you can find her in the woods hunting or on a lake fishing. Lanndon loves nature and finds peace and serenity in the calmness of her other hobbies. She lives in Goodlettsville with her adoring husband, Austin. Keep an eye out for her debut single, “Goodbye Butterflies.”


Noah Pelty is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter. Originally from New York City, Noah spent his childhood steeped in music, though not the soulful Americana that you’ll hear him writing and singing today. He was raised on musical theatre, and the composers and lyricists of that genre still inspire his writing. From age 16 to now, Noah lived in Massachusetts, Vermont, Montana, South Carolina, and finally Nashville, Tennessee. Once in Music City, Noah paid his dues playing and singing on lower Broadway. Through sheer exposure on those gigs, Noah learned which songs got people dancing, which songs made people want to sing along, and which songs cleared a room—all useful knowledge for a budding songwriter. You can hear Noah’s songs sung by a variety of Nashville artists, who he loves to write and create with any chance he gets. When he’s off stage, he’s enjoying the outdoors or obsessing over what guitar he’s going to acquire next. Look out for his upcoming debut single, “Overhead.”


Andy and Lee Huffer were born, bred, and corn-fed in Lynchburg TN. Raised on the best music of every genre, they started singing at age 3. Though, it would take some years for them to get cooking as the house-burning act that the world sees today. Lee Huffer took some fiddle lessons as a kid, but they didn’t fully take until he picked the instrument up in earnest at 21 when their “Double Shot Band” was first founded. Andy picked up the guitar 16 and began writing what he knew; good, honest country music. The Huffers still recall their first gig at the Moose Lodge in Shelbyville, TN. At that performance they were told they had potential, but were just too raw. They took that to heart and went to Nashville, where they turned that raw talent into an explosive duo. After thousands of shows, they easily living up to their favorite acts, like George strait, alabama, and Luke Combs. When they’re not tearing up any stage they can get on, you’ll find them rooting for the Tennessee Vols or the Atlanta Braves,
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